“I am thrilled to announce that my health & nutrition cookbook is finally available!  This is a project from the heart in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to supporting cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.  Thank you to all as new strides in health and this book wouldn’t be possible without you!"  

                                                    - Naturopathic Dr. Joël, ND 

Power Foods 101 is a book where Naturopathic Doctor Joël ND has done all the research for you, bringing you the latest Nutritional & Natural Health information to help : Boost Your Energy, Be Lean & Get Your Glow! with a 3 Day Power Shift that supports Balanced Health.

Fueled by Power Foods that are deliciously transformed into 101 + Metabolically Active Plant Powered & Gluten Free Simple Recipes.  Featuring what Carol Alt, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Neal Barnard & Other High Energy People Eat To Fuel Their Days!

REVIVELIFE™   Boost Energy,  Be Lean & Get Your Glow!


  • John
    "Power Foods 101: A Way of Living to “Look and Feel 30 When You Are 50! And Not 50 When You Are 30!"

  • John
    "By the end of your work day, you might find yourself looking for ways to reenergize yourself. The TG Smoothie and other recipes found in Power Foods 101 help to keep you going from morning until the evening ! Dr. Joël, ND’s book Power Foods 101 is what I recommend to all of my clients. Fitness and Food your perfect partners!”

  • John
    “If you want to cut through the “noise” about nutrition and reset your health, this is the book for you!”

  • John
    “The power of the message in Dr. Joël, ND’s book comes first from the excellent science behind the health recommendations it contains. This book gets a significant power boost from all of the personal stories about the lives that have been saved and greatly improved when people adopt the lifestyle and nutritional changes that Dr. Joël, ND has recommended for them.”

  • John
    “I am so fortunate to have met Dr. Joël, ND. Through her knowledge and expertise, I feel myself again, enjoying more energy, better sleep and healthy digestion after 15 years of being unwell. I was very excited when I found out that Dr. Joël, ND was creating this wonderful recipe book. The recipes are amazing and nutritious, and you can feel good about what you feed your body. I also love the fact that you can have desserts and not feel guilty! It is very clear that Dr. Joël, ND truly loves to help people understand that when you eat whole foods, it is like medicine for your body. Thank you so much Dr. Joël, ND you’ve changed my life!”

  • John
    “This is the only book on this topic that I have really understood and believed. Thank you for letting me help with this project. I have learned so much information, and I have begun implementing quite a bit already.”

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