A healthy guide to living an extraordinary lifestyle every day with a 3 Day Power Shift-no dieting, calorie counting or hours of time researching on the internet. All designed to help you boost energy, be lean and get your glow! Featuring: 101 Metabolically active plant powered & gluten free simple recipes; and What Carol Alt, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Neal Barnard & other high energy people eat to fuel their days!

Most diets, cleanses and plans are set up for a quick fix, which gets you results for a little while but then causes you to rebound right back to where you were and in some cases be even worse off. In this book Naturopathic Dr. Joël ND shares her knowledge that has been gathered from: her over 25 years in practice at her clinic Revivelife™; teaching at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (ORCF) training with world leaders in their field like Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and hormone expert Dr. Thierry Hertoghe; her research around the world designing and teaching health programs to both the public and doctors and lastly in her kitchen with her jeans and apron on, just creating recipes.

She brings to you Power Foods 101 which is designed in 3 parts: I. Introduction, to Get You Ready, II. The 3-Day Power Shift Plan, to Get You Set and III. The Power Foods 101 Recipes, To Go!


The introduction introduces you to goods on nutrition basics clearing all the chatter for you based on all the latest research. This includes Tips For In Your Kitchen, Recipe Planning, Shopping and Quick Tips To Get Ready!


Here you will find an easy 3 Day Power Shift for each of the top 5 Nutritional Blocks that will reset your health. No time on your hands? Not to worry, you can begin with the First Power Shift and continue on until you have done all 5 OR you can start anywhere and customize it by just doing one 3 Day Power Shift as you can.  The Power Shifts are based on Dr. Joël, ND's  integration of the Science of Metabolism, Hormone Balance and of course good for you Whole Plant Powered Foods!

Power Foods 101 will help you reach your health goals and refresh your enjoyment ofreal foods again. Each 3 Day Power Shift Includes YourPower Food, Your Recipe and Your Meal Plan. Great for everyone including those who often buy foods ready made to those who love to spend time in the kitchen.  The core recipes are designed to be made in less than 30 minutes, and easy to make with a few treasured favorites that are worth the wait.  You can also kick it up a notch with The Greco 20 Minute Workout to get you Lean designed by Fitness Trainer to the stars like Carrie Underwood and NHL greats like Claude Giroux.

Power Foods 101 has lots of helpful information on quick tips to help you Power Shift Down health blockers and Power Shift Up health boosters, making health multi-tasking a whiz.
Get Set!


The Recipes have carefully been created to include powerful foods that detoxify, alkalize, promote digestion, are hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, metabolically active (aka slimming!) and most important cancer preventing. Dr. Joël, ND also knows that everyone needs to enjoy foods that can be made for busy families (dedicated to her mom), are budget friendly (for her dad and all you, who’ll travel across the city to get the advertised specials) and of course taste yummy (for all of you and her hubby & kids) Go!

So say bye bye to diets, your “stretchy pants” and down days with crowd pleasing recipes like: Breakfast Burritos, TG’s Power Smoothie, Quicky Jam,  Leek & Potato Latkes, Rosemary Fig Cheese (Plant Powered), Nature’s Fix Crackers, Luscious Locks Salad, Detox Immune Sriracha Soup, 10 Minute Tuscan Soup, Warrior Bowl, Jap Chea (Korean Noodles, yum! ), Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai, In The Raw… Portabella Pizzas with Lime Cashew Cream, Tarragon Mushroom Tourtiere, Earth Burger, Green Tea Goodness Balls, Chewy Granola Trio (Multi-tasking at its best!), Put the Lime In The Coconut Sorbet and Sunny Lemon Cheesecake!

The recipes are whole food, gluten free, allergy friendly, plant powered and all natural to shift how you are eating and not “miss a beet”!

Dr. Joël, ND's goal for you is to have you feeling your best, finding “Your Secret To The Fountain of Youth” while at the same time achieving your weight and beauty goals. She dedicates her life to inspiring health, naturally and wrapped it all up with a pretty bow just for you in her third child “Power Foods 101”.